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Is it possible to hold Homeowners’ Meetings with the COVID-19 alarm decree?

The short answer is Yes, respecting the limitation of the number of attendees in force in each Autonomous Community. The Resolution of October 29, 2020, of the Congress of Deputies authorizes the extension of the state of alarm, declared by Royal Decree 926/2020, to contain the spread of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2 until May 9,… Leer más »Is it possible to hold Homeowners’ Meetings with the COVID-19 alarm decree?

Grants for the rehabilitation of homes in homeowners’ associations

The European pandemic recovery program COVID-19 (Next Generation EU), includes the Mechanism for Recovery and Resilience (MRR). This Recovery Plan has among its priorities in 2021 the financing of housing rehabilitation programs for an amount of 1,550 million euros, an amount that is already included in the draft General State Budget. The European investment requires… Leer más »Grants for the rehabilitation of homes in homeowners’ associations

List of defaulters on the board of the community of neighbors

The fact of publishing on the notice board of the community of owners a list with the neighbors in arrears of the building, without a doubt, is one of the most controversial issues in housing during the last few years. Especially taking into account the number of sanctions imposed by the Spanish Data Protection Agency due to this issue.

Pellet stoves, an environmentally friendly and efficient option

What do these innovative stoves consist of? It is one of the most efficient heating systems that we can find today. These stoves work by generating heat through the combustion of small wood pellets, also considered as biomass. This ignition occurs in a closed chamber emitting the heat it creates to the entire space in which it is located. The result is a warm and pleasant atmosphere, which leaves behind the winter cold in our home.

Cracks in the walls of my home

Having cracks can be a huge fire safety issue. Between one floor and another, there must be a complete seal called «compartmentalization». This prevents fire from passing from one dwelling to another in blocks of apartments when a fire breaks out. This means that air is not able to pass from one floor to another, between yours and your neighbor’s, because if the compartmentation is broken, it could pose a serious fire risk.

Conflict management: Lawsuit management

One of the main questions that we ask ourselves as owners, is if we can carry out individual actions and not joint actions before a Court. According to article 18 of the Horizontal Property Law, a neighbor can take legal action individually, when a decision taken at a meeting of owners causes harm to the same community.

Grants for the energy rehabilitation of residential communities

In recent months, the MITECO (Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge) has been working to launch a PREE (Program for Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings). The aim of this program is to promote direct aid to increase the energy efficiency of buildings that are more than 13 years old. This aid would mainly try to bring a change in the thermal envelope, replace old heating boilers and sanitary water for other more renewable systems (such as solar thermal or geothermal option). The most relevant thing is that this rehabilitation program will concretely yield an aid of 300 million euros.

Is it safe to use natural gas in my block of apartments?

It is of real importance to have a safe gas system in our homes. It should be noted that in blocks of apartments special care must be taken with this safety. There are some reasons to be more alert. A gas explosion can cause huge disasters. In the past, it has already been seen how one of these can even cause the collapse of entire buildings. According to the law, first of all, it must be taken into account by all owners that all fittings, gas pipes and appliances are kept in good condition.

Accessibility: use of baby strollers in common areas

We have already seen that in any community of owners there will always be neighbors who occupy certain common areas without asking the rest of the owners. Many people assume that they can leave their bicycle or baby stroller in the common areas without any problem. But the reality is that if you as a neighbor-owner are bothered by someone’s personal item being in the middle of a common area, you have every right to complain and have it removed.