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Falling down a defective step

If the damage existed before the fall and was known by the owner, the community is not responsible, so the compensation would not proceed. Likewise, if there have been no other falls, the neighbor would be responsible. In addition, she must prove how the events occurred because if she changes her version – and says first that there was a defect and then that there was water – it is considered a variation prohibited by the Civil Code.

Is it legal for the tenant to assume the community expenses?

Article 20 of the Urban Leases Law allows the community expenses to be charged to the tenant as long as this is established in the contract and signed by both parties. However, article 20.1 of the Urban Leases Law also states that for this clause to be valid it must be in writing and determine the exact amount, so if the annual amount is not established, it is understood that this agreement is null and void.

Case of COVID-19 in my community of neighbors, what do I do?

Whenever a case of COVID-19 is detected, it will be necessary to insure the person but also the surrounding environment: the neighbors in the case of a community of owners. Faced with this possible situation, the Association of Property Administrators of Spain has not remained silent, and has issued a series of tips on what to do in the event that there is a COVID-19 infected person within your community of neighbors.

Energy self-consumption and measures to save on your community bills

In recent months, according to a report by Google Spain, searches related to energy self-consumption have grown significantly. It is worth noting what this self-consumption can mean for a community of neighbors. With this method, it is possible to save up to 70% on current bills. In addition, the fact of continuing to telework at home, in many cases, has favored this choice to implement solar panels in homes with which to generate such self-consumption.

Although in the coming weeks our trips away from home will be reduced, this does not mean that we will be safe inside our own building. We will have to be cautious inside and outside our homes

Neighborhood coexistence during confinement by COVID-19

So far during the COVID-19 confinement period, several neighborhood conflicts have been recorded in different provinces throughout the country. In Barcelona, for example, the Incident Management Office has received 2,900 cases of coexistence conflicts during this period. Of all these incidents, 1,300 have been the result of neighborhood disputes in homeowners’ associations.

Toilets that deserve to be loved by their neighbors

Since the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) quarantine period began, it has been customary to applaud the health workers and state forces at eight o’clock in the evening. We have been calling all these workers who give their lives to help us heroes since the pandemic began. Unfortunately, it is not all praise and thanks to these figures.