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Accessibility: use of baby strollers in common areas

We have already seen that in any community of owners there will always be neighbors who occupy certain common areas without asking the rest of the owners. Many people assume that they can leave their bicycle or baby stroller in the common areas without any problem. But the reality is that if you as a neighbor-owner are bothered by someone’s personal item being in the middle of a common area, you have every right to complain and have it removed.

«Intelligent mailboxes» for homeowners’ communities

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, a total of 22,300 mailboxes have been installed throughout Spain, serving 250,000 people. There is no need to keep an eye on when a package arrives at your home. It will be as easy as entering your building, taking a look at the password of your order in the app corresponding to the mailbox company, picking up the package from it and taking it to your home.

Housing rehabilitation and energy saving grants

It is difficult for homes in Spain to embrace energy efficiency as such. This is because the communities of neighbors, can not meet the cost of the relevant works to this improvement. Sooner or later these rehabilitations will have to be undertaken, there is no doubt about that. In Spain, 55% of the houses built before 1980 were built without taking into account any energy regulations. At the same time, 85% of homes with green energy certificates do not have a correct rating

When can you refuse to pay a spill?

Every community of owners must pay the monthly community expenses stipulated in the community’s own bylaws. This amount will vary according to the number of dwellings in the building. The derramas as such, will be produced when it is necessary to face an extraordinary expense of the community. These expenses can be due for example to the installation/replacement of an elevator or to the change of the electrical installation of the building.

Video intercom with WiFi

Times change and technology evolves even in the field of video door phones. Currently the video door entry system with WiFi is in trend. This system is quite different from its predecessors both in appearance and functionality. We will talk a little more about it in depth below.

Subsidies for Elevators in Andalusia

The purpose of the subsidies is to contribute to the financing of works for the improvement of accessibility in collective residential buildings. The beneficiaries of these subsidies will be homeowners’ associations that promote this type of work.