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Electrical Installations

Recommendations for the use of air conditioning and ventilation to prevent COVID-19

In recent days, the Government has made available to us a guide with recommendations for the use of air conditioning and ventilation systems as a COVID-19 prevention measure. All this, at the level of buildings and premises with some trade. This document has brought together a series of technical keys to protect the health of citizens, trying to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in places with air conditioning and / or mechanical ventilation. An example of this type of spaces are shopping centers or offices.

Aid to neighbors to change their boilers

In 2021, a ban on the most polluting boilers in the communities of neighbors has been introduced. Therefore, the Madrid City Council intends to help in this by supporting the owners with subsidies that allow them to change their appliances. Specifically, it will help those communities that make their replacements between January 1 and December 31, 2020. This will also apply to SMEs, helping them for the first time in changing their air conditioning system.

«Intelligent mailboxes» for homeowners’ communities

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, a total of 22,300 mailboxes have been installed throughout Spain, serving 250,000 people. There is no need to keep an eye on when a package arrives at your home. It will be as easy as entering your building, taking a look at the password of your order in the app corresponding to the mailbox company, picking up the package from it and taking it to your home.

Repair of urgent breakdowns during COVID-19

Taking into account the current COVID-19 Alarm Status, it is necessary to restrict some work, following the appropriate safety protocol. Those that remain in force will have to be carried out as carefully as possible, following the established hygiene and prevention recommendations. Some repair companies will continue to provide services for electrical breakdowns, boiler repairs or gas repairs.

Improve your WiFi signal in 7 steps

To optimize the signal of your router, it will be necessary to position it correctly. Placing the router at one end of your home is not the same as placing it in a more centralized location. Sometimes, it can be a nuisance to place the device in a place where it is visible, since it is not a visually attractive technology.

Housing rehabilitation and energy saving grants

It is difficult for homes in Spain to embrace energy efficiency as such. This is because the communities of neighbors, can not meet the cost of the relevant works to this improvement. Sooner or later these rehabilitations will have to be undertaken, there is no doubt about that. In Spain, 55% of the houses built before 1980 were built without taking into account any energy regulations. At the same time, 85% of homes with green energy certificates do not have a correct rating

Retune TDT 2020

From 2020, it will be necessary to retune the antennas of homeowners’ communities. Therefore, it will be necessary to adapt the community antennas to carry out the migration of channels to 5G broadcasting, in order to be able to make the subsequent retuning. Seville, Jaen and Cadiz are the latest provinces to make this change.