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Cracks in the walls of my home

Having cracks can be a huge fire safety issue. Between one floor and another, there must be a complete seal called «compartmentalization». This prevents fire from passing from one dwelling to another in blocks of apartments when a fire breaks out. This means that air is not able to pass from one floor to another, between yours and your neighbor’s, because if the compartmentation is broken, it could pose a serious fire risk.

Housing rehabilitation and energy saving grants

It is difficult for homes in Spain to embrace energy efficiency as such. This is because the communities of neighbors, can not meet the cost of the relevant works to this improvement. Sooner or later these rehabilitations will have to be undertaken, there is no doubt about that. In Spain, 55% of the houses built before 1980 were built without taking into account any energy regulations. At the same time, 85% of homes with green energy certificates do not have a correct rating

Is it forbidden to hang on facades?

Among neighbors we establish periodic meetings in our community. Making the meeting effective will depend on the organization of the meeting, fulfilling a purpose, and the correct dissemination of information. To make this possible, we share some suggestions.

Should I remove the flue pipe from the facade?

According to articles 7 and 17 of the Horizontal Property Law, this is the alteration of a common element, so in order to carry out this work, the unanimous consent of all the owners in a neighbors’ meeting and the authorization of the community is necessary

Payment of fees for work on my facade

If in the Community Meeting an agreement was taken not to allow balcony enclosures, it is not possible to make an enclosure without the authorization of the community if the agreement is still in force and has not been challenged.