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Is it safe to use natural gas in my block of apartments?


Is it safe to use natural gas in my block of apartments?

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What does the Law say about it?

It is of real importance to have a safe natural gas system in our homes. It should be noted that in blocks of apartments special care must be taken with this safety. There are some reasons to be more alert.

A gas explosion can cause huge disasters. In the past, it has already been seen how one of these can even cause the collapse of entire buildings.

According to the Law, first of all, it must be taken into account by all owners that all fittings, gas pipes and appliances are kept in good condition.

Decree 125/2016 is the one in charge of regulating this inspection process of gas installations. What is its objective? It is none other than to achieve compliance with the technical obligations established at the hands of the holder of the installation. To do this, it must be defined and controlled as far as it goes, all the technical processes and verification of the correct operation of the same.

Likewise, this Decree is in charge of determining who must intervene in which process and what must be done in each case to comply with the obligations of the licensees.

Where are the inspections carried out? They must be carried out at facilities that are connected to a distribution network or, failing that, to «liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks». The latter must be available to provide service to more than one user.

How often must these inspections be carried out? Inspections must be carried out every 5 years. Checking that the installations are in perfect condition. This control must be carried out in the calendar year since its commissioning, taking into account the last inspection carried out.

As we have said before, the figure of the owner takes on special relevance. It will be this one who will have to control the good use of the facilities, their maintenance and their periodic revision.

Is natural gas the safest energy? Which is the cheapest?

Natural gas is known to be clean and safe. It is also an uninterrupted service, which does not run out suddenly. But is it economical? Below you can see a price comparison table with the current energy sources on the market. Natural gas turns out to be quite cost-effective if we compare the options.

natural gas energy comparison table

Source: FotoCasa

As the consumption of this energy increases, the price becomes more profitable. It is necessary to take into account not only the price factor in this case (and that of safety, which we have been talking about), but also the convenience for the user. With natural gas there is no need to replace cylinders as with butane, the system is constant and without replacement.

What should I do if I smell gas?

As with any system, there can always be some incidence. We will have to be especially careful, for example, if we start to smell gas. How do we act? Well, the guidelines are as follows:

1º In the first place, it will be necessary to ventilate the room and for greater security the whole house, opening doors and windows. If by chance you notice a feeling of suffocation, breathe fresh air and call a doctor quickly.

2º Make sure to close the general faucet. If you still smell gas after closing it, continue with the ventilation measures, leave your home and wait for the emergency services to come.

Do not touch electrical appliances, handling them can be a source of risk. Even the activation of a switch.

Call the emergency number 900 750 750 so that an emergency team can come to your home to check the fault.

Do not produce any source of fire (sparks, flames or even light/smoke a cigarette).

Keep the stopcock closed until the fault is repaired.

I am a tenant and I think the installation is not in perfect condition, what should I do?

If you think that your landlord has not been carrying out the annual gas safety checks:

Ask him when the last gas safety check was executed. Also, urge him to show you a copy of the gas safety record.

-If he does not respond to your request, or ultimately, your landlord does not provide you with these documents, you can do the following:

-Complain to the Health and Safety Executive.

-Report to the environmental health department of your local council.

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